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Maggots. The gift that keeps on giving. From my mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law may not have realised it when she gave me maggots for Christmas, but they were just what I needed most in my life. Maggots. Lots of them. All dead. Just before I opened her present, she did warn

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Merry Christmas Shopping

Here’s a poem my friend Kate’s uncle, Barrie Armstrong, swears he found on a supermarket floor about this time last year. Christmas list toilet rolls bleach cat food bread bin bags light bulb There’s nothing I need add to this.

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Mothers’ Day. Corny! Hokum! Oppressive! Irresistible

One day? For everything I do! What an insult! I need at least a week. I made Standpipe swear a sacred oath NOT to buy me flowers or jewellery or anything else he thinks I might like on pain of

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