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Welcome to the age of the digital readeur

TO AN interesting talk at the Oxford Literary Festival this morning. The three speakers were talking about publishing online and I was especially interested to go as I will be talking about my other blog, SHORTCIRCUIT, at the Vale and

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Listen With Wicked Witch: sitting uncomfortably with Pérez-Reverte in my brain

Each peach, pear, plum I spy Tom Thumb Tom Thumb in the cupboard I spy Mother Hubbard Mother Hubbard on the stairs I spy the Three Bears I know that off by heart. And the rest of  Janet and Allan

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BOOK REVIEW: Sworn Secret by Amanda Jennings

I was gripped. For several happy, nostalgic, weepy hours. I almost fell out with my OH when he asked me to BATH OUR CHILDREN while he MADE THEIR BEDS. I really was cross when he said I had to WALK

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What I’m reading now

Well, I am taking a few of my ten minutes (almost a month) for a holiday from England. I am going to the back of beyond to play Treasure Island and Swiss Family Robinson on the west coast of Ireland.

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Ironic bombs: Jane Austen, Jennifer Egan and twitter

Are you on top of the technology? Jane Austen was. Yes, not only did she write beautiful, compelling prose, she also understood the technology she was using. I did not know that until I took a seminar with Barry Webb,

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Fifty Shades of Nonsense and why I love E.L James (with adult content)

The stink of envy hangs around a lot of what’s being written and said about E.L James’s blockbuster. Take this on twitter: ‘Write a fanfic based on an already bad book and then change the names. #badwritingtips’ I have to

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Valentine’s Day with truffles, Hugh Grant and lots of bedtime action – my Point-of-View

I can’t like Valentine’s day. If you need to show your love for your lover on a designated day, IT’S ALL OVER. It’s impossible to celebrate your unique bond in any restaurant in which a dozen or more other couples

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GUEST POST: Lies, damned lies and historical fiction – Matthew Greenwood

This week Matthew Greenwood, author of The Treachery at Nether Stowey, blogs about the nature of historical fiction: “I really enjoyed your historical novel,” someone said to me, “there’s just one thing …” Ah. “So what’s that then?” “It’s NOT


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Really? Where do you stand on artificial implants? My conventional argument

I shouldn’t be writing this. There are many reasons why I shouldn’t be writing this. But among them are the pressing matter of my assignment (due today) and my shockingly under-read brain. But I can’t bear not to. Because the

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The confusing truth about tweedy bottoms with Arturo Perez-Reverte on drugs

One Christmas morning I went to church with my husband and parents-in-law. We all dressed smartly because that’s the tradition of their church. Standpipe had forgotten his suit, or may not then have owned one, so he had borrowed one

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