sLINKY SUNDAY friendship is more powerful than racism; spider shock; upworthy

These are the links I’ve been loving this week.

Moving film – if someone sprayed your car with racist graffiti how would you respond? For the two people in this film, it’s taken for granted that they will respond creatively. That’s almost what I love most about this film. The second thing I love is the message, or at least what I took from it which is that friendship can drown out racism. I find it hugely redemptive and comforting that someone wants to assert this and does it in such style, so effectively. I also think the film is pursuing a very interesting genre of faction, which works perfectly here. More from these two please. (11 minutes)

Shocking film – another film I really enjoy watching. It is very shocking and caused my entire writing class to gasp and cover their mouths. So don’t watch it if you’re a sensitive petal or need a pacemaker but haven’t had it put in yet. Very tightly written and shot.

Upworthy – the website that I got the first film from and a couple of other things I’ve watched. I like their liberal sensibility and their taste in short films. Followworthy.


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4 comments on “sLINKY SUNDAY friendship is more powerful than racism; spider shock; upworthy
  1. Sarah Bryson says:

    (the spider one)

  2. Thanks for this I recently started to subscribe to Upworthy but I missed these.

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