The Next Big Thing and a small lie down

This meme makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and very flattered all at the same time. Like wanting an  ice-cream when you know it will make you feel sick.

Thing is, talking about, or writing about, my work in progress makes me anxious in case I jinx it, or feel that I’ve off-loaded so I don’t need to write it any more, or because I’m just generally anxious about everything.

On the other hand I’m chuffed to bits that Bridget Whelan, accomplished author and fabulous teacher, thinks that I am worthy.

So I’m clenching my teeth and all relevant muscle groups and doing it anyway.

The working title of my novel is Legacy.

The idea came out of a true story.

The genre is possibly women’s fiction (my most commercial hope), or literary fiction (in my dreams), or experimental fiction (my nightmare because who buys that?).

I really don’t know which actors I’d choose to play the lead roles. Maybe Aisling Loftus and Robert Sheehan.

My one sentence outline was:

Nineteen-year-old Frances, dreams of fresh air and a real family – everything she’s never known – until a letter from the past drags its murderous wilderness to her door.

It is sort of still the same.

Some agents are interested in it. But I really have no idea if it will be self or traditionally published. It has changed considerably since anyone in the publishing industry saw any of it. I think my book would be great with an ebook imprint, if such a thing exists yet.

I haven’t written the first draft. I’m hoping to have it completed some time next year. I’m slow.

I’ve never read anything like what I’m writing. Which is a bit of a worry. People do sometimes say that they think I come at life from a different angle. I wish it was by choice.

I am inspired to write this book because I’m enjoying writing it. It’s very absorbing and satisfying at the moment.

I don’t know what might pique the interest of readers. I think of the work I’m doing as more of a collage than a novel. I hope people will enjoy that.

The people whose Next Big Thing I would like to read about are:

Cath Bore – author, columnist and broadcaster
Amanda Jennings – author of Sworn Secret, Canvas
JustinBog – author of Sandcastle and Other Stories
Nikki Fine – prolific writer of poetry, plays and prose
Frank Egertonpublished author, critic for the  Financial Times, something grand at Oxford’s Bodleian Library and fabulous teacher.

The deadline’s tomorrow. Hahahahahaha.

Now I’m off to lie down. Here’s a link which explains my fragile constitution in greater depth.

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7 comments on “The Next Big Thing and a small lie down
  1. justinbog says:

    Hi Cathy, and I am grateful beyond _____ that you would even think of me for the next big thing . . . I wrote up a previous “tagged” moment answer to this meme going around and wanted to include the link here for you since I don’t mind being tagged multiple times 🙂 Here is my Next Big Thing:

  2. Love your one line synopsis – I’m interested already even though you don’t give much away elsewhere. If I were an agent I suspect I would be excited and worried by the disclosure that you haven’t found anything to compare it too…. but if you have faith in the story and the people you’ve created stick with it.
    Great good luck with it all. From one slow writer to another (I take some comfort from the fact that James Joyce was apparently very, very slow. There’s a story that he might a fellow writer on the street who asked how many words he had written today. Five was the morose reply. “But Jimmy that’s great for you. Why so downhearted?” “Because they aren’t the right five words…”

  3. Oooooo, that sounds interesting Cathy 🙂

    Good luck with it!


  4. Hello Cathy, I am really looking forward to reading your book. You are a great writer and thought that you are trying something experimental with format is actually really exciting! Thank you also for inlcuding me in the meme. I failed dismally to get it done by Sunday evening and when I started writing it this morning I got sidetracked by discussing daydreaming, so a big FAIL from me!! My WIP is currently being read by my agent. If she gives it the thumbs up, I’ll pop back here and answer the questions! Loved reading about you book…now, get on with it, some of us are waiting, you know…

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