Highs and Lows of 2011

I’ve been tagged. I feel kind of dirty but also mildly popular and loonily pleased.

Really? Me?

Oh, okay. I can probably make time.

When you’re tagged you have to pretend to be really nice and fill out this form in the character of the ‘nice’ person.

Thanks Manda. I love pretending to be nice. It’s really easy for me.


WHAT HAS BEEN THE HAPPIEST EVENT OF 2011? A 26 mile charity walk that I helped organise in May. It was a beautiful day, featuring some of my favourite people. We walked it fast and best of all raised £27,000 for two charities (Breakthrough Breast Cancer and a children’s bereavement charity called Seesaw). It was a proud and happy day.
WHAT HAS BEEN THE SADDEST? Our next door neighbour, a fine person, died far too young, leaving his wife and four children, as well as the wider community, grief stricken. It took me a long time to be able to talk about it without weeping.
ONE UNLIKELY THING YOU WENT AHEAD WITH AND DID?I did a three hour literary criticism exam and passed (just scraped a 2:1 – but still). Even less likely, the headmaster of my boys’ school called me and asked me to join the governing body. I was immensely flattered and amazed and said yes immediately.
WHO LET YOU DOWN? Me, me, me – I can rely on me for that.
WHAT MADE YOU LAUGH? I was in the car telling a story to a friend, Cassie, about someone who’d (imho) gone mad and had a brazillian because a friend said her bush was ‘retro’. Cassie was trying to call her daughter as I spoke <rude>but couldn’t get through. Just as I let out the punchline (‘that’s much better although it’s still kingsize where it should be funsize’) a little voice piped out from the dashboard of the car with ‘Mummy, you’ve accidentally called me four times and all I can hear is you and Cathy talking about Brazilians’). We laughed until it hurt – a lot. There’s more on this elsewhere on earlier posts if you want it. Also Miranda Hart on telly.
WHAT MADE YOU CRY? A friend’s struggle to persuade the immigration authorities to let her children join her in this country. Every time she cried, which was understandably often, I cried too. (Unluckily for Kleenex shareholders they’re here now. Hooray!!) Also that walk. A field full of people wept as a woman who’d had breast cancer at least twice made it over the finish line with two of her three children under 7 years old in her arms and one hugging her legs. Also the John Lewis ad. The first one. Yes, I am embarrassed.
TELL US ONE THING THAT MADE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELF. The walk, as above. 2011 was all about the walk. I could have answered ‘the walk’ in almost all of these categories. We started with nothing but the wish to do a long walk somewhere beautiful and we made a bit of a difference and had fun. (We’re doing it again this year. If you live in the Thames Valley area and fancy a great day out, let me know. Or if you’re really rich and want to sponsor us, ditto.)
TELL US ONE CHALLENGE YOU OVERCAME. Here’s one I didn’t overcome. I had a dinner party (I find them very challenging, especially my own) and poisoned three people. Dismal.

Your turn now @cathbore @justinbog


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9 comments on “Highs and Lows of 2011
  1. May I please have the recipe for the thing you made that poisoned three people?

    Fun post, Cathy. Hope that you do it again in a year, even if you don’t get tagged.

  2. Ahem. That would be venison carpaccio. I’m sticking to bangers and mash in future …

  3. Writing Jobs says:

    Great post. I enjoyed reading your blog today.

    If you love to write we would love for you to join us!

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  4. *slaps you on the back manfully* Well done for The Walk. Sounds like a truly worthy cause. And er, the dinner invitation? That’s a no, from me. I like my inside juices INSIDE my body. Let’s go out for tapas instead 🙂 X

  5. Love your blog and deffo need your recipe for my next dinner party *mwhahaha ..*thinks of people who crossed him last year 😉 … oh and well done for the walk.. it’s a fantastic achievement !!

  6. Sheryl Brown says:

    So Cassie thought fast and said, ‘Nuts, darling. We were talking about Brazilian… Um…? Ahem.’ Nice blog. Well done on the walk! 🙂

  7. zencherry says:

    Knickers being changed daily is an AWESOME thing for 2012. There’s a few people I know, (and am gladly not related to), that need to read this. 😉

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